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Notore Chemical Industries Plc (NOT)


Notore Chemical Industries Plc
Notore Industrial Complex,
Rivers State,
Sector: Chemical and Paints
Full time Employees 550
Business Summary
Notore Chemical Industries Plc was incorporated in Nigeria on 30th November 2005, as a private limited liability company, and is domiciled in Nigeria. Its registered office address is Notore Industrial Complex, Onne, River State, Nigeria. On 13 th June 2014, the Company was re-registered as a public limited company. The principal activities of the Company are to manufacture, treat, process, produce, supply and deal in nitrogenous fertilizer and all substances suited to improving the fertility of soil and water. The Company has a 500,000 metric tonne Urea Plant in Onne, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Key Executives
Name Designation
Yakubu Gowon Chairman
Onajite P Okoloko CEO
Ohis Ohiwerei ED
Femi Agbaje Director
Michael Osime Director
Richard Herb (British) Director
Mike Orugbo Director
Odoliyi Lolomari Director
Ike Osakwe Director
Michael Jansa (American) Director
Hassan Badrawi (Egyptian) Director
Bashir Lebada (Canadian) Director
Tseyi Hammond Director
Ovie Ukiri Director